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Transforming the way large, multi-disciplinary teams communicate and work.

Created for the global events industry, Iventis facilitates collaborative working. Its dynamic platform harnesses the power of layering complex BIM, CAD, GIS and other data, bringing them together in one, easy to use, format.


System Overview

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A screenshot of Iventis planning software showing the spatial planning of Horse Guards Parade in London 2012. The software shows an overhead detailed CAD map of House Guards Parade and St. James’s Park which lines representing various plans made on the software.

01Collaborative Planning

Planning complex operations requires a large team to work together, with ever changing plans. Our platform allows the whole team to plan every aspect in one place.

A closeup screenshot of the spatial planning tool of the Baku 2015 Olympic Stadium. The closeup shows the CAD drawings of individual rooms within the stadium.

02Planning at every scale

By seamlessly bringing together maps and detailed architectural drawings, plans can be created at every scale – from a city-wide level down to individual rooms.

A screenshot of a dashboard in Iventis showing multiple files in a four-wide tile format. Each title features an image of the plans being created along with the name of the project and the time it was last amended.

03Plan every location

Detailed architectural plans for every location are brought together – no more trawling through PDFs to find the right plans.

A screenshot of Iventis planning software showing the spatial planning of Pyenongchang 2018 Olympic park. The software shows an overhead detailed CAD map of various stadiums in the park with road closure points and employee placement.

04Cover every detail

Our platform is completely flexible allowing every aspect of operations to be designed – from catering to security.

A screenshot of the Iventis tool of the Baku 2015 Olympic Stadium. The screenshot has allowed the viewer to highlight an area of the venue. This highlighted area has produced a pop-up which shows the holding capacity of area.

05Analyse and Visualise

Use event specific tools to analyse, measure, interrogate and understand plans to find efficiency savings, problems and opportunities.

A screenshot of an event timetable on Iventis. The table content rows which highlight times whilst the columns show the different venues. Each venue has various blocks across time schedules for events occurring there. The screenshot also shows a pop-out for a Figure Skating event. The pop out lists the event type, the location, the attends and the time scales.

06Plan by date/time

Incorporate schedules, dates and timings of all plans allowing for a hour-by-hour and real-time view of plans.

A close-up screenshot of Iventis planning software being used in St. James’s Park. The screenshot focuses on the ability to create shareable links within the software by using a ‘share’ button.

07Securely share

Involve stakeholders, partners and suppliers to seamlessly plan and share information. You can also choose to share aspects with the public. A comprehensive permission system allows you to control who sees what.

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How it works


Set Up

We’ll set up the platform for you event – deciding the modules you need. We’ll work with you to import existing data, such as CAD drawings.


Design and Plan

Your entire team can develop their plans covering every aspect of operations from staffing to crowd management.


Why use

01Get control of your data and plans

Iventis brings together data which would usually be held in spreadsheets, presentations, emails and documents.

02Get the team on the same page

The whole team can access and share each other’s latest plans – ensuring they are working together effectively.

Case Studies

Iventis supports...

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A view of a city high street with heavy traffic. The middle of the road has a row of streetlights which span both carriageways. A double decker bus is waiting at a red light whilst various vans, buses and cars come from the other direction.

Transport and Logistics

Because Iventis allows plans to be created geographically at all scales, it is ideal for planning transport and logistics services within and between locations. Everything can be planned including delivery routes, public transport services, traffic management and more. This can be planned and shared with stakeholders, suppliers and even the public.

From a view of behind and over his shoulder, a man is wearing an orange shirt and a green baseball hat. He is holding a black walkie-talkie up to his face.

Workforce and Staffing

Plan your workforce across all locations as efficiently as possible – find opportunities to reduce costs. Prepare and train the workforce by showing them how the operation will work.

A stadium terrace full of people stood up and cheering, many of whom have their hands raised in celebration.

Crowd Management and Visitor Experience

Plan and design all aspects of crowd management and the entire guest journey from their arrival to departure. This can include stewarding plans, barriers, concessions, entry and exit points and more.

The back of two security guards walking. They are wearing fluorescent green hi-vis jackets. The word “security” is in a blue patch in the middle of the jackets.

Health and Safety, Security, Licensing

Confidently plan your operation as safely and securely as possible using analysis tools to design queuing systems, evacuation plans and spaces, people/vehicle interactions and mitigate risks. Share plans with local authorities and emergency services for health and safety and licensing.

Professional Catering kitchen showing stainless steel machinery and employees dressed chef whites and hairnets.

Catering, Cleaning & Waste Management

Work with suppliers to determine the requirements and locations of concessions and waste management. For example, you could plan where bins are needed across the operation and ensure adequate provision.

Looking onto an empty athletics stadium from the top of some steps. Wide rows of empty seats run on both sides. The centre of the stadium has blue athletics track with a square area of grass in the middle. The open roof allows for the grass in the centre is lit by sunlit.

Event Planning

Plan and design events, such as the route of a marathon and subsequent support including emergency services, water points, medical services, press/media locations and more.

Man stood on a tall rigging platform in a venue controlling a large standing light. Above him is some more truss rigging with three smaller lighting units affixed to it.

Infrastructure Design and Asset Management

Plan and design temporary infrastructure and work with architects and engineers. For example, you could design a wayfinding system for the entire operation. Reduce the reliance on specialist tools and services.

Looking over a large, open aired, corridor of an exhibition hall with glass walls looking to the outside. A large crowd is below. People are heading in multiple directions. A large sign hangs from the ceiling with large arrows pointing to different exhibition halls.

Venue Management

Get a complete overview of the entire operation and how it fits together. See how plans are evolving over time and share with key stakeholders.