Save Time

Plan more efficiently & effectively

Frustrated by working with spreadsheets? Working with different pieces of information, in different formats and out of control? Having to waste hours just trying to understand what everything means? Fortunately, Iventis gets rid of all that. What's the point of working on various different files and software when it can all be accessed from one system?

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Iventis is built for collaboration. Your teams, suppliers and stakeholders can input their data directly. This saves you time to actually getting on with planning.
Reduce Mistakes

Plan everything in one place

Finally, for the first time, the entirety of complex operations can be planned in one place. By using satellite imagery, maps and architectural drawings seamlessly combined you can build your operation from the most detailed level to the regional impact.

Large crowd both standing and seating whilst watching a band on a stage during night time. There is a lot of fake smoke in the air and purple lights are being casted onto the crowd.
With Iventis, everyone is working on the same plan. Ultimately this reduces errors, duplicated work, mistakes and costs.
Gain control

Keep track of changes

With plans created in a central location and stored consistently the entire plan, up-to-date is available for everyone. This will allow you to plan, and share plans, with confidence.

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Using one tool means suppliers & stakeholders can contribute to the planning and you can keep full oversight. Errors can be spotted almost instantaneously and avoided.
Find Savings

See the complete picture

Because you, your suppliers and stakeholders can see the complete picture - see each others plans and data in real-time - you can quickly identify possible areas for savings. Plans can be made with real, up to date, information to save on costs.

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Whole team collaboration can also help share knowledge and expertise from previous events that can be inputted to help enhance your event.
Enhance the Event

Develop, visualise and test scenarios

Scenarios can be reviews and tested through visualisations. With so much information & data, it is possible to test the impact of changes to plans.

Man sat at a large sound mising board during a live event. There are blue lights lighting up the boards and the switches.
Multiple plans can be brought together, shared and analysed in hundreds of different ways to optimise for safety, security and visitor experience.
Open Collaboration

Create, develop and plan together

Complex operations can involve hundreds or even thousands of people working together. Various suppliers & stakeholders all making their own plans. By building all those plans together in one system, errors can be reduced and savings can be made.

A group of professional cyclists in a road race as they take a corner. Each are wearing their team jerseys, helmets and sun glasses. The street is lined with people clapping and cheering.
With a different range of access permissions, you can grant each supplier and stakeholder their own access levels relevant to their need.

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